Thursday, January 24, 2013

Recalling the Bat-Backlash Over BATMAN RETURNS! 1992 DC Comics Movie!

Now that the deadly-dull Chris Nolan BATMAN film franchise has run its over-long course, let's look back at the early days of the 80s/90s live-action BATMAN films, when it was director Tim Burton's dark Dickens-esque series that made casual viewers (not fanboys) upset! Why? Adults still thought any BATMAN celluloid feature should be aimed squarely at kids, and once they got an eyeful of scenes depicting killings (many perpetrated by the titular hero himself), Penguin's spewing of black goo, and the Catwoman's overtly sexual status, the Bat guano sure hit the whirling Bat-blades! Sure, each film walked a fine line between pleasing kids (with colorful action), and satisfying older film-goers (with subtext, characterization, and meaty themes), but toys still had to be moved at McDonald's, so...Little wonder Burton soon dropped out...Click these 1992 articles from ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY to recall the furor! 

Of course, producers would be very happy with the next two Bat-flicks, as they
held greater sway over the tone of BATMAN FOREVER and
BATMAN & ROBIN, making them almost nothing but 2-hour
product and toy promotions!

You have to wonder if any kids would be so frightened by this film today... 

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