Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy THORSday! 1975 DYNAMITE Magazine Origin Re-Cap! Marvel Comics!

Thanks to those dimpled do-gooders at DYNAMITE magazine, here's a loopy look at the original first appearance of the mighty Thor! The editors sliced and diced the Thunder God's 1962 origin tale, giving young readers just the most salient points and highlights! Click below to learn all there is about ol' Don Blake (remember him?) and his barrel-chested alter ego!

The above art excerpt comes from Thor's first appearance in 1962's JOURNEY INTO
MYSTERY #83, with script by Stan Lee and Larry Lieber, and art by the great Jack Kirby!

BONUS! Click below to see the opening for the far-famed 1966 THOR cartoon, part of the "Marvel Superheroes" animated package! You'll recognize some art from the above comics, used creatively to produce a very memorable segment!

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