Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1979 X-MEN Original Comic Art by John Byrne! Wolverine! Marvel Comics!

One of the first of the "comic book superstars" in the modern age was jocular John Byrne! And why not? His stellar 70s art on such books as MARVEL TEAM-UP and IRON FIST brought him to the attention of comic fans in no time at all, so some were surprised when he accepted the assignment to draw the low-selling X-MEN comic! However, once fans glimpsed JB's powerful pencilling on that book, along with Terry Austin's inks and Chris Claremont's superb scripts, X-MEN soon became the book to watch! Great stories and art soon launched the merry mutants into top place on the charts, and, altho the book would never see such creative heights again, the exciting Claremont/Byrne run lead to the team's still-enjoyed high profile today, in comics, movies, TV cartoons, and merchandise! Click below to enlarge this great 1979 convention sketch by Byrne, done at the height of his run on the comic that shone a spotlight on such captivatin' characters as Nightcrawler, Storm, Phoenix, and, of course, Wolverine! 

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