Friday, January 11, 2013

1966 Batmobile Close-Up! George Barris' Custom Muscle Car! DC Comics!

From the fact-drenched pages of POPULAR SCIENCE, here is a brain-bursting 1966 article on the most famous custom car (then and now), the Batmobile! This piece gave fans a nice close-up of the colossal custom coupe, including the sensational scoop on its origin and making, interior gadgets, secret details, on-screen use, and so much more! The wave of "Batmania" was so great during the run of the 1966-1968 ABC-TV series, magazines from MAD to FAMOUS MONSTERS to TIME all ran features on Batman and his world! Click below to enlarge!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge these Bat-tastic Batmobile-related oddities and pics!

Above: The original 1966 Aurora store poster for the release of the TV Batmobile in model kit form!

Above: An early test version of the car, with a camera-unfriendly dull matte coat of black
paint, not the super-high gloss (and flashy) finish that fevered fans would soon be used to seeing!

Above: A recent colorful embroidered sew-on patch of the famous 60s custom rod!

Above: The 1966 Batmobile made a huge recent comeback, thanks to a contractual
breakthrough with all copyright holders, so modern fans can collect
new die-cast versions, model kits, and even remote-controlled
versions of this captivating car!

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Richard Bensam said...

Love it. I must admit, though I wasn't a passionate devotee of the show in my youth, that Batmobile design pushes my nostalgia buttons really hard. It's clear why so many modern fans would collect it in toy and model form!