Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Monkees in the 90s and Beyond! Davy: "Micky is an A--Hole!"

One of the many things that makes the Monkees notable is the fact that they still tour, still garner news coverage, and still make waves, even today! Most of the band's current fans only discovered the group during the mid-80s MTV revival, and weren't even around for the Monkees' late-60s hey-heyday! ! Click below to enlarge these news tidbits, clippings, and pics, ranging from the band's 1986 reunion, and right up to this month!

The above clipping is from a 1986 WEEKLY READER, a news
circular given to kids in middle schools across the USA!

The above two shots were taken during the Monkees' 1989 reunion tour period! The band was
even awarded their own "star" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that year!

Who remembers the 1992 FOX show, HERMAN'S HEAD? Davy did a short guest appearance on one episode!
And, yes, that's him above with Yeardley Smith, the voice of the animated "Lisa Simpson!" 

Click below to see (thanks to "Rainy Jane") a short clip from this episode! 

As seen in the above 1994 clipping, the band members could, at times, be set at each other's throats!
But, they always seemed to resolve their personal issues, in order to come together and please fans!

Lastly, and sadly, the above two clippings come from a 2012 
issues of LIFE magazine, spotlighting the late David Jones.

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