Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Monkees! 1966 Debut Coverage! Take TIME to LOOK!

Talk about rare finds! Here are three awesome articles, all reporting on the panic-inducing September, 1966 debut of THE MONKEES! FIrst up is a piece from LOOK magazine, with some very rare on-set pics of the embryonic band! Next, a terrific TIME report on the debut of the NBC juggernaut! Lastly, the nervous nebbishes at NEWSWEEK take a turn, wondering if such an oddball TV venture will even last, or be remembered! Can ya believe it?! Click each to enlarge!

Note how even then, there was already great (and unnecessary) critical hand-wringing
over the Monkees "manufactured" origins, as well as the influence the
Beatles had on this and, honestly, any
other then-current pop venture!

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