Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Making of TV's SUPER FRIENDS! 1975 JUSTICE LEAGUE Article! Alex Toth! DC!

Dig this great 3-page synopsis of how the well-remembered SUPER FRIENDS cartoon was assembled! This fabulous piece comes direct from a 1975 DC issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE, and features a great (but very simplified) detailing of how much work went into the making of each colorful animated episode! We're also treated to some very rarely-seen masterful model sheets and storyboards by revered comics master Alex Toth (whose amazing designs and art, sadly, did not carry over to the finished televised production)! Click to enlarge!

"Holy Guano?" Heh. Altho it was a fun novelty to see the Justice League in an 
animated show, the episodes featured weak and watered-down plots, 
animation, and art, due to the twin terrors of cost-cutting and 
watchful parental group worries! See a fairly accurate critique here!

BONUS! Click below to watch an excerpt of "The Baffles Puzzle" episode, the same one being discussed in the article above!

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