Thursday, December 27, 2012

Superman Meets Batgirl! 1974 Original Nick Cardy Cover Art! DC Comics!

Another biggie! Who doesn't recall this amazing 1974 cover to SUPERMAN #279? Whomped up by that peerless artist, Nick Cardy, here was a rare teaming of Superman with Batman's long-time crime-crushing companion, Batgirl! Need I say that, in addition to Nick being a master at depicting action, depth, and speed, he was also quite swell at delineating the female form? This b/w art page comes from a 70s children's coloring set, which included two other reproduced mammoth covers for keyed-up kids to maul! Click image below to enlarge!

Note the removal of the large black shaded areas on Batgirl's thighs!
Did the toy makers think kids needed more "open" areas to color?
 They did a pretty sloppy job of re-drawing her legs!


jfire2 said...

one of my all-time favorites as a kid.

john @ pop culture safari

Al Bigley said...

It was SO rare to see DC superheroes cross-over like that then! It felt like a really big deal!

Al Bigley