Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SHAZAM! Original 1974 Bob Oksner Art! Mary Marvel! DC Comics!

One of the most overlooked artists of the Silver and Bronze Age is the great Bob Oksner! Bob had a terrific soft and friendly style, and he excelled at drawing realistic (but cute) women and girls, not unlike John Romita, Sr.! Bob could also combine all those skills with bombastic superhero action, most memorably on such strips as ANGEL AND THE APE, LOIS LANE, and SHAZAM! Bob drew some exemplary "Mary Marvel" short stories for Captain Marvel's home mag, and quite a few covers, too! Below is one of his imaginative scenes that fronted 1974's SHAZAM! #13! Bob created a truly innovative way to advertise the oversized contents of this "Super Spectacular" issue, using attractive vignettes on a "billboard!" Click to enlarge!

BONUS! Click below to see where I snagged the above black-and-white gem! This cover repro was one of three giant DC Comics posters that kids could color, all part of a 1976 "Comic Doodles" craft set!


KevinFermoyle said...

Couldn't agree more about Bob Oksner - especially the "overlooked" part. I loved his work on the Silver Age DC humor books. He had a wonderful touch to his inking brush. I always thought Oksners art had a lot in common with the work of Mort Drucker.

Al Bigley said...

I agree!

LOVED his superlative work on those "Mary Marvel" short stories in these "Super Spec" issues! He was a master at storytelling, anatomy, and producing darned attractive artwork!

Al Bigley