Saturday, December 22, 2012

Remembering BATMAN AND ROBIN! George Clooney! 1997 DC Comics Movie Madness!

I know. Hardcore fanboys don't want to even think about 1997's BATMAN AND ROBIN movie. To be fair, who can blame them? By this 4th BATMAN flick, things had gotten so overblown and flamboyant, the poor Caped Crusader himself got buried under the excesses of rubber action suits, endless Bat-gadgets, a ridiculous over-abundance of added superheroes and super-villains, and over-done production values! But, given the recent (2005-2012) deadly dull (and inexplicably popular) BATMAN films, it is darned refreshing to look back at a time when nobody was afraid to produce a fun Batman adventure! Click below to read this ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY article about the making of the 1997 film, it's great (but poorly-used) guest-stars, and even how angry (and eternally entertaining) fanboys and DC editors were starting to fret and sweat over the direction the franchise had taken! 

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