Thursday, December 13, 2012

More John Romita Sr. Art Rarities! Spidey! Hulk! Cap! Marvel Comics!

My love for the fabulous art of John Romita, Sr. is no secret. Here, I'm presenting some little-seen rarities from this master renderer, from fan sketches and merchandise artwork, to published posters, comics, and covers! Click each to enlarge!

The above illo appeared inside various 70s Power Records offerings, spotlighting the many
characters their bombastic book-and-record sets featured, and looks to be inked by joltin' Joe Sinnott!

Above and below: Incredible interior art for CAPTAIN AMERICA #141, from 1971! Note the use of blue pencils used for the layout! 
In those days, finished pages were stated (high-quality copies made) in the manufacture of the actual comic book, and 
the color blue didn't reproduce in the stats, negating the need for time-consuming erasing of the pencil foundation!

Shown above is recent JRSR wrapper art for an X-MEN trading card set!

Of course, John drew the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN newspaper comic strip for many years, and here is an original art 
sample from the long-running series! See where this particular slice of spectacular-ness fits into continuity here!

From my own collection! Gaze above to dig the pencil cover rough (left), for 1976's MARVEL TEAM-UP #48!
Romita also provided the finished art for the published cover (right)!

The above (left) image is another cover idea from the pen of JRSR, for 1993's DARKHOLD #5!
FUN FACT: I provided some of the pencil art inside that very issue!

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