Monday, December 10, 2012

More Art Rarities from Gene Colan! Wonder Woman! Captain America! Nick Fury!

The late Gene Colan has to be the most influential, most loved, and most missed creator in modern comics! Artists and fans still look to his work and study and appreciate it! Gene was highly influenced by movies and film, and you can certainly see it in his work! His drawn scenes look almost like actual still frames from action films, with characters caught in mid-leap! Stan Lee even once said that Gene could add tons of drama and excitement to a scene of a man simply reaching for a doorknob, and it was true! Click below to enlarge some of these fantastic images, from the man who could "paint with a pencil!" 

In the image above, we see Gene's own terrific take on Jack Kirby's original 1941 cover to CAPTAIN AMERICA #1!

The image above spotlights the three Marvel characters for whose books
Gene was best remembered drawing! It's (left to right) Daredevil, Captain America, and Iron Man!

The above two pages are from 2009's CAPTAIN AMERICA #601, a rare recent Marvel pencilling job 
from Gene! Great to see his unique interpretations of not only Cap, but also Nick Fury and the Winter Soldier!

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