Friday, December 7, 2012

IRON MAN #62! 1973 Gil Kane Cover Rough! Whiplash Returns! Marvel!

When you mention artist Gil Kane, comic fans think of an name synonymous with dynamic action, graceful anatomy, and drama-drenched compositions! Don't believe me? Take a look at Gil's sensational sketch for the cover of 1973's INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #62! Dig those fluid lines, the spot-on figure work, and, most importantly, the action-oriented staging of this tense scene! It's a shame that much of the graceful curves and realistic anatomy work is lost in the inking (by Mike Esposito), but we still have Gil's rough design to study and enjoy! Click here to see more of Gil's amazing comic artwork, and click below to enlarge image!

Note how Gil (among other artists) would tip and turn Iron Man's static
helmet, in order to evoke expressions and facial contortions!

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