Saturday, December 1, 2012

Have a Dandy Defenders December! 1979 HULK Calendar! Marvel Comics!

Back again with a final page from the nifty 1979 HULK calendar! As you know, the dates from '79 and 2012 line up (the Mayans, again?), so you can print out these pulsatin' pages and use today! Here is December's offering, a holiday-hued image of not only the happy Hulk, but his costumed comrades, the dynamic Defenders! Who doesn't love Hellcat, Dr. Strange, Nighthawk, and the Silver Surfer? All drawn by the great Ed Hannigan and Klaus Janson! Then, look below to dive into December doings, such as the birthday of Stan Lee (who?)! Click below to enrage! Click here to see past pages!

Note how this page not only covers the then-recent comics exploits of the jade giant,
but even hypes his TV triumphs, then still tearing up the tube!

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