Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy HULK-idays! 1975 Marvel Calendar! Original Sal Buscema Comic Art!

What? Didn't I just generously produce a holiday-hued HULK image for ya? Well, gird your loins for yet another Bronze Age blast, as I look even further back in time, to bring you this magnificent Marvel morsel! Here is ol' Greenskin, drawn by his main 70s artist, Sal Buscema! Not only do we see both the original art for this entry (below, left), and the published printed version (right), but we also get a rare glimpse at Sal inking his own pencil art in the 70s! Sure, SB would later do such in the 90s and on, but back then, his pencils were almost always inked by such dandy delineators as Jack Abel, Mike Esposito, and sometimes even Klaus Janson! What are ya waitin' for--Santa?! Click below to enlarge!

Note how Sal was able to bring a jolly "kid-friendly" look to Santa and his
reindeer team in this piece! Such versatility is a mark of a true artist!

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