Thursday, December 6, 2012

Giant-Size AVENGERS! The OTHER Cover Sketches! Iron Man! Thor!1974 Marvel Comics Greatness!

From another pulse-pounding issue of FOOM, here are some alternate covers that could have fronted GIANT-SIZE AVENGERS #1, from 1974! Those stellar scribblers, Rich Buckler and John Romita, Sr., both produced sensational sketches for this big volume of fun and frivolity, and here they are! Which would you have chosen, and why? Have Thor or Iron Man ever looked better, then or since?! Click below to enlarge!

I wonder who the lucky fans were that received this now-valuable artwork
in the contest! Talk about a real keepsake!

BONUS! Click below to see which colossal cover design was chosen! It's the final published 1974 cover!

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