Monday, December 31, 2012

Fruity 1966 Batman "Pop Tart" Comics! The Mad Hatter Strikes! DC Comics!

What's that? You thought the idea of ramming attractive and colorful promotional freebies into food products (thus promoting added interest in said items) was a new innovation? Perish the thought! Here is a look at one of the rare 1966 Kellogg's Pop Tarts BATMAN comics, made available only inside packs of those delicious fruit-flavored fat-packed pockets! Of course, such added attractions came in the wake of the still-recalled 1966 wave of Batmania, due to the incredible success of the ABC-TV show! Tho a few of these mini-masterpieces have been reprinted officially, most have not! Below is the famed MAD HATTER'S HAT CRIMES give-away, with art by SUPERMAN mainstay, Wayne Boring! Click to enlarge pages!

As you can see, these comics were not big on intricate plot or characterization, simply
mimicking the basic plotlines of the 1966 BATMAN TV show, but adding little else!
It is great to see Batman and crew depicted by artist Wayne Boring!

BONUS! Look below to glare at the actual 1966 Pop Tarts box that housed these little consolidated comics!

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Terry Collins said...

Did you know that these were rare because so many sleepy children ate the comics and read the Pop-Tarts? It's true!