Friday, December 28, 2012

DAREDEVIL #77! DD Meets Spidey, Subby, and Sal! Original 1971 Buscema Cover Art!

Take a goggle-eyed gander at the incredible cover for 1971's DAREDEVIL #77! This powerful piece of original art was created by Sal Buscema, and depicts not only DD, but two gallivantin' guest stars: the savage Sub-Mariner and Spider-Man! Sal was the younger brother of John Buscema, of course, and during this time he was making waves as cover and interior artist on some AVENGERS and SUB-MARINER issues, but was soon to be known as the regular pencil-pusher on MARVEL TEAM-UP and THE INCREDIBLE HULK titles! Click below to enlarge!

Thanks to Comic Arts Gallery for this one!

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