Monday, December 24, 2012

At Last! See the SUPERMAN Bake-a-Craft! 1975 DC Comics Toy!

One of my very first posts here was all about the rare 1975 Bake-A-Craft Batman and Robin stained glass toys! But, as soon as that pair of ponderous posts hit the internet like a bomb-burst, frantic fans started whispering about the existence of a sensational Superman version included in this simple, but colorful, beaded Bronze Age craft line! Wait no more! Feast you eyes below to see the Superman sun-catcher, as well as the now-rare packaging for this terrific set! Thanks to collector Jm Alexander for this! Click image to enlarge!

I forgot about the now-charming mis-coloring of the character's costumes
on the packaging! Something you'd never see today, with style guide-happy
committees now in charge of merchandising!

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Anonymous said...

I have this set still wrapped in its original box.