Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ZOWIE! It's Burt Ward as TV's Robin! Fan-Made Model Kit! 1966 BATMAN TV Show! DC Comics!

ZAP! Here's Burt Ward, caught portraying "Robin," as he did on ABC's BATMAN, in 1966-68! This is a fabulous fan-made hard resin kit of the Boy Wonder, assembled from seven parts, and my hat (mask?) is off to the sculptor, as the likeness is terrific! I assembled, then used acrylic paints and some markers and inking pens to complete! Click each image to enlarge!

The figure had a slightly under-sized head, so I added some Super-Sculpey
to create extra hair, filling out the overall head size.

The unassembled kit came in seven pieces: head, gloves, boots, and
the lower cape, along with the torso.

I added some gloss clear overcoats to the hair, eyes, lips, metallic belt parts,
and gloves, to create a glossy effect with those areas!

Above: The unpainted and unassembled kit!

BONUS! Want to see the companion "Adam West Batman" fan-made kit? Just click here!

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