Friday, November 16, 2012

WONDER WOMAN! An Unpublished 1968 Cover! Irv Novick! DC Comics!

Direct from the sensational Silver Age, here is a real comic art curiosity! Here's what would have been the incredible cover art to WONDER WOMAN #176 (below, left)! Drawn in 1968 by the illustrious Irv Novick (who'd later go on to drawn the various BATMAN books for most of the stunning 70s), both covers depict the Amazing Amazon at the mercy of three newcomers called the "Wonder Men!" Was the original version rejected due to all three villains not being featured? Was WW's odd angle deemed too unfeminine? Was the published second cover (below, right) just plain seen as more exciting and drama-filled? Any way ya look at it, us fans win! Click below to enlarge!

That published version (above, right) was also drawn by Novick, and had impeccable composition,
and all three of the "Triple Stars" pictured! I prefer the published cover!

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