Monday, November 12, 2012

The Secrets of the AVENGERS! 1967 Marvel Comics Goodies! Iron Man!

Face Front! Dig these rare goodies from the bombastic back pages of AVENGERS KING SIZE SPECIAL #1, from 1967! Dashin' Don Heck provides us with the "for-your-eyes-only" layout to the Manhattan Avenger's mansion (so that's how they cram so much stuff in there)! Plus--pulchritudinous pin-ups of the fair and fightin' female Avengers (up to that time, that is)! The old Avengers vs the then-new team! Even a handy and dandy Don Heck bio, direct from the artist's very hand! More you could want? Click below to enlarge!

Unlike Marvel's competitor, DC Comics, Marvel cultivated an older readership, one that
not only thrived on past continuity being acknowledged, but one that actively looked for it in their comics!

Another trait that endeared Marvel to fans was the  hyping of the
comics creators, making them seem like friends to the regular readers! This was at a time
when many comics artists and writers worked anonymously!

BONUS! Glance below to see the colossal cover that enveloped the above captivating contents! A great Silver Age gem of a comic!

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