Friday, November 2, 2012

The Monkees! Rare Pics from the TV Show and HEAD! Frank Zappa! Davy Jones!

Back with more wacky and rare pics of those madcap mop-tops, the Monkees! Click below to enlarge these rare pics from their TV show, the group on the road and touring, with their odd guest stars, and so much more!

The Monkees during the first 1966 season of their NBC TV show!

During the last few episodes of the second season, the Monkees each brought on special guests (as
seen above in this clipping from late 1967), in order to gain larger exposure for these up-and-coming stars!

A 1968 clipping regarding the (*gasp*) cancellation of the Monkees
show! They'd be back....

BONUS! Click below for some very rare images, taken from the recent "Criterion" blu-ray release of the Monkees' 1968 movie, HEAD!
Producer Bob Rafelson hams it up while on the "rainbow room" set
for one of the second season Monkees "video" shoots in 1967!

Micky, Peter, and Michael hash (heh) out the stream-of-consciousness details of
HEAD, their 1968 abstract and avant-garde movie!

Peter, playing banjo at a Salt Lake City concert, filmed for a sequence of HEAD!

Producer/director Bob Rafelson appears again, setting up
a shot for the live concert scene in HEAD! Whose idea was it to 

label the bass floor drum with the simple  "drum" text? Micky takes credit!

On the way to the concert, Peter (behind Davy and Michael), and a
ton of security guards, makes
their way to the auditorium and stage...

Producer (and co-creator of the MONKEES) Bob Rafelson
confers with Peter aboard a plane..

Michael during the Salt Lake City concert in May, 1968...

Filming the "war" sequence for HEAD! "Who wants more steam?"

The Monkees (and the back of Bob Rafelson) take a lunch break during the filming of the movie..
Note the wearing of the costumes from the "inside the vacuum cleaner" scenes...

BONUS! Look below to see and hear my own re-mix of "Porpoise Song," the theme from HEAD! The video incorporates tons of footage from the film!

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