Monday, November 26, 2012

The Monkees! Mike Succeeds! Peter Tork Leaves! Micky's Pet Peeves!

Let's look in at more rare and little-seen clippings and pics of the Monkees! FIrst up: a terrific 1966 PARADE Sunday magazine spoltlight on the then-new band and their influence! See the guys in the studio, recording the vocal tracks for MORE OF THE MONKEES! Then, take a look at a bearded Peter Tork, as he leaves the Monkees to work with his new band, Release! Not a lot came from this venture, but it's still an interesting period of Monkees lore to examine! Next, read about Michael's early-70s successes as a solo artist! I even snuck in a few clippings from the 90s! Finally, gaze at that last item for a truly rare treat from 1967! Click each to enlarge!

Note how the (somewhat) condescending adult writer of the above
piece spends a great deal of time discussing the Monkees' individual military
service (or lack thereof)! Think about how little that attitude is now seen
in today's youth-centered pop culture!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge these historic hand-written notes, from a young gal who records her frantic feelings, right after seeing the Monkees live in 1967!

I have no idea how I snagged this little gem! I think it may have been
included in an eBay auction for some other Monkees goods! Are you the writer?

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