Friday, November 30, 2012

The Many BATMAN Paintings of--Bob Kane?! See and Hear! Robin! Joker! DC Comics!

It's a well-known fact that artist Bob Kane, the co-creator (along with writer Bill Finger) of Batman, actually contributed little to the strip's origins and artwork. Bob did, however, make sure to ride the many peaks and valleys of "Batmania" over the decades, especially during it's sky-high crest in 1966, due to the uber-popular live-action ABC-TV series! Bob was quick to get in on the attention-grabbing pop-art action, taking to his oils and easels to create Batman-inspired paintings left and right! Or did he? Even his involvement in the creation of those paintings is in doubt among fans! Bob didn't let that stop him, tho! Once a new batch of Bat-hysteria hit in 1989, due to the Michael Keaton-helmed film, Bob and his Bat-art were back! Click below to see a short piece from 1989, as Bob tries to sell BATMAN director Tim Burton a few Bat-canvases!

BONUS! Click below to see Bob Kane and his many 1966 Batman paintings! Did he or didn't he?

BONUS BONUS! Click below to see actual excerpts from a 1947 "autobiography" about how Kane single-handedly created Batman and his environs! This originally appeared in REAL FACT COMICS # 5! Hoo!

Below: An example of Kane signing his name to every Bat-thing! Here is a 1967 sample of the BATMAN newspaper comic strip, obviously drawn (anonymously) by Shelly Moldoff and Joe Giella!

Kane had an iron-clad contract, rare for the time, naming him creator of Batman on all Bat-things! 
Once the contract expired, around 1968, other creators did begin to receive 
credit on the books and strips they labored away on!

Below: On the set of the 1992 BATMAN RETURNS movie, Kane takes the opportunity to pose with Bat-actor, Michael Keaton!

Below: What's this? Bob Kane involving his artwork in a worthy charity drive?!

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