Sunday, November 11, 2012

Smashing 70s SPIDER-MAN Sunday Strips! The Doctor (Doom) Is IN! 1978 Marvel!

In our last terrifically tense installment, Spider-Man was being malevolently manipulated into believing he was losing his already-fragile mind! Now, the web tightens as Dr. Doom's sinister psycho-sheme is really bearing down on Spidey! But--exactly how is Doc making our Webbed Wonder see those awful apparitions? Is that sexy shrink in on the whole putrid plan? And-just how bad is Aunt May's pie, anyway? More mile-high mayhem from the rare 1978 SPIDER-MAN newspaper strip run! Click below to enlarge, then whip over to here for the next full-color tale!

Looks like artist John Romita, Sr. may have had some artistic help on a few of these
strips, possibly from fellow Marvel pencil-pusher, Sal Buscema!

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