Sunday, November 4, 2012

Smashing 70s SPIDER-MAN Strip! Spidey Fights--Mayor Ed Koch?! 1978 Marvel Comics Madness!

More little-seen 1978 SPIDER-MAN newspaper comic strips! Last time, it seemed as if Spidey was really on the ropes, after fighting a ghostly representation of the dreadful Dr. Octopus! Now, the rabid Kraven is out for his blood! But, why are such sinister super-foes (as well as then-Mayor Ed Koch?!) popping up, only to disappear just as quickly? Dr. Doom is the mastermind behind all this, but what is his ultimate plan? And--is that provocative psychiatrist in on this whole sordid scheme? More mile-high mirth from Marvel madmen Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click below to enlarge, then click here for the next full-color Sunday strip installment!

BONUS! Didja know that writer Stan Lee based this scenario on 1965's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 24 (seen below)? Stan wrote that one, also, and it involves a criminal mastermind (in that case, the evil Mysterio) using his special-effects chicanery to drive Spidey into psychoanalysis!

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