Monday, November 19, 2012

Neal Adams! Rare 70s Comic Art Gems! Batman! Deadman!

We've all enjoyed the work of Neal Adams in comics, both as a captivating cover artist and interior storyteller, but take a long and lingering gander at these rare pieces of comic art from the 70s, all by Neal!  Some represent highly-valued fan sketches, some were created for toy packaging, products, and style guides, and others were used on a wide variety of merchandise and promotional items! Click each to enlarge!

Above: Neal's pencil rough (and finished version) for the 1974 Mego Batcycle toy box!
The cycle accessory was to be used with the popular line of 8-inch action figures! 

Above: Neal's illo of a flying Superman, used mostly in conjunction with Corgi toy cars and playsets!

Above: This famous pose of Superman, drawn by Neal, appeared on coloring books, 
beach towels, pajamas, Mego products, switch-plates, and (what seemed like) a million other products!

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