Friday, November 9, 2012

Marvel's IRON MAN 2--The Movie Review! Sorta New! Just For You!

From those dimpled darlings at DREAMSCAPE magazine, here is a rip-roarin' review of 2010's IRON MAN 2 movie! I have to say I agree with them on all counts, as this fun sequel didn't quite manage to keep up with the original frantic flick! But, in all fairness, that 2008 IRON MAN film was a heck of an act to have to follow! What's your opinion? Click to enlarge!

FUN FACT! Didja know that, in the original 1960s IRON MAN comics from Marvel, Professor Vanko was the real identity of the evil Crimson Dynamo (below, left), not the super-villain Whiplash (below, right), a foe who made the scene a few years later! The movie producers decided to "mash-up" a few IRON MAN baddies!

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Darci said...

IIRC, in his interview at the SDCC 2 years ago, Jon Favreau said he wouldn't be back to direct Iron Man 3 because the market had changed so much (something to do with DVD sales, I think). H e didn't mention it at the time, but next on his agenda was Cowboys & Aliens. So now we're going to see Shane Black's version of Iron Man in #3.

I don't see any reason they chose to do a mashup of Crimson Dynamo and Whiplash (or Ivan Danko and Mark Scarlotti), nor revamp the Black Widow to be a spy for SHIELD within Tony's company. Sometimes I think they do these things just because they can.