Thursday, November 29, 2012

Many Faces Has The Hulk! 1973 FOOM Poster! Kirby! Steranko! Ditko!

Another fabulous find! Cast your moist orbs below to glom this rare 1973 FOOM poster, spotlighting the many awe-inspiring artists who have graced the pulpy pages of the HULK comic over the years! Even by 1973 (the date of this poster's pandemonium-packed publication), with the Hulk having only been around for eleven years, a horde of hapless artists had already drawn the jolly Jade Giant! How many do you recall? Kirby! Steranko! Ayers! Ditko! Can you name where each panel appeared? Click below to enlarge and remember, faithful ones!

This poster from FOOM (Marvel's in-house fan mag) comes from the short early 
period of the magazine when Jim Steranko helmed production, adding an 
exciting artistic touch to the layout and features throughout!

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