Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lou Ferrigno in PEOPLE! 1978 INCREDIBLE HULK TV Show! "I'm Green All The Way to the Bank!"

Who doesn't love muscleman Lou Ferrigno and the late-70s TV sensation he helmed, THE INCREDIBLE HULK? Presented now is a pleasing 1978 PEOPLE magazine piece all about the power-man with the prodigious pectorals! New Yorker Lou once again talks about his approach to the TV Hulk character (including his grueling make-up sessions), as well as his childhood struggles and aims in life! But--can you imagine any TV viewers wanting to pick a fight with the sweet-natured Lou?! Click below to enlarge!

Lou divorced Susan within a year, later marrying Carla Green (!), who is still by his side today!

BONUS! Look below for a terrific behind-the-scenes on-set pic of Bill Bixby ("Dr. Banner") directing Lou as the "Hulk!"

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