Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Keep on FOOMin'! Rare 1974 John Byrne Art! Mego Action Figures! Hulk!

Dig some of the surprises in this 1975 issue of FOOM, the Bronze Age Marvel in-house promotional magazine! We get a silly spoof ("Iron Sis!") of the then-red hot MASTER OF KUNG FU comic book, by none other than John Byrne himself! Also, drink in that creative Mego action figure ad, using a still from the 1944 CAPTAIN AMERICA serials, and some nice clip art! FOOM (Friends Of Ol' Marvel) lasted for four years, and is still very fondly recalled by fans of that era! In those pre-internet days, such fan mags were the only ways to get early looks at upcoming comics and projects and inside scoops! Click images below to enlarge!

Why only a few colors for this back cover? FOOM was a quickly-produced, low-priced mag
for fans, so cost-cutting was evident everywhere! The more colors used, the more the printing costs...

The serial "Captain America," as seen above, was played by actor
Dick Purcell, who tragically died only weeks after completing the film serial!

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