Monday, November 5, 2012

Iron Man! Spidey! Batman! The Joker! In the Pet Store?! DC and Marvel Comics Lunacy!

While in my local PetSmart today, what did my disbelieving orbs glom onto, but these wild and wacky (but attractive) fishtanks, feverishly festooned with glaring graphics spotlighting all your Silver and Bronze Age faves! Spidey by John Romita, Sr.! Hulk as drawn by Marie Severin! Batman and his repugnant rouges gallery by Jose Garcia Lopez! Some enterprising entrepreneur decided to tack these superhero celebs onto fish bowls, and who knows? It just might sell! But--where are Sub-Mariner and Aquaman?! Hold your breath (and your nose), and click images below to enlarge!

Obviously, only the smallest fish were meant to live in these tiny tanks!

This design uses a montage of various mid-80s and 90s BATMAN style guide art, by Jose Garcia Lopez!

This one has some odd art, based on a mid-70s SUPERMAN Curt Swan-drawn image that was
used on toys, stickers, and puzzles (see below)! But--who were the newer artists for this re-creation?

So, is Hulk trying to get to your fish? Is he hungry? Does he even understand that a fish cannot live without the water in that tank?

A close-up of the oddly-sculpted (but interesting) figures that can be used in larger aquariums as decorations!

So, you're to give your pet fish these stickers (meant to decorate his or her tank or bowl) for
the holidays?! Well, as long as they feature such great classic Marvel art, why not? You can keep that Wolverine one, tho...

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Anonymous said...

I actually bought the Batman one clearance after the holidays for $5.97!