Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hide Your Math Book--With Spidey! 1975 SMASH Magazine Hi-Jinks!

In 1975, at age 10, I was earbone-deep into my interest in comics, whether they be from DC or Marvel! It seemed comic-mania was everywhere then! You could not only buy some of the greatest superhero comics ever published for pocket change at the time, but you could collect the cache of colorful cut-ups on Slurpee cups, as action figures, on t-shirts, stamps, and a million other pieces of high-flying, panic-inducing paraphernalia! Even the kid's mags of the day ran comics-related material, since tons of children, in addition to teen and adults, read comics then, of course!  Look below to see a terrific school book cover, one that was included in a '75 issue of the sensational SMASH magazine! It uses the real cover of the then-new AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #137 (with gorgeous art by Gil Kane), to help kids fool terrified teachers (tho now it's hard to believe teachers ever had problems with any reading material, considering how it boosted most of us comics fans into life-long, advanced readers)! You also got a hilarious parody on the back cover, poking fun at the then-ubiqutious seed sale ads that appealed to cash-strapped kids everywhere! HHmm...I wonder if this thing would fit over a laptop computer...! Click to enlarge!

This SPIDER-MAN issue came along during the era of the "second Green Goblin" storyline, in which
the son of the original Goblin tries to fill Dad's bad-guy boots! The much-later SPIDER-MAN 

movies (starring Tobey Maguire, born the year this book cover debuted) would mine the same 
story-lines! And, yes, as a 5th grader in New Jersey, my own math book 
rocked this cool counterfeit comics cover!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge one of the actual back cover "America Seeds" ads, so boldly parodied in the image above!

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