Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hey Kids! Summer Fun? Get a Gun! 1959 DC Comics Ad! NRA Approved!

Wow. Take in this amazing ad from the back of a 1959 LOIS LANE DC comic book! It sets forth the idea that a guilty Dad should get a school-free son an air rifle to take up his summer leisure time! And why not? Nothing wrong with learning target skills, gun safety, and responsibility, right? But, do ya really want to be shooting a BB gun indoors? Notice how this is to be junior's "first gun," too! And the NRA will award you medals for "shooting your gun at home?!" While he's at it, Dad also buys his own pistol for "fun and target practice!" BB gun ads (mostly from Daisy) ran in comics until the early 80s, when this kinda hobby began to be frowned upon (not just due to over-concerned parents, but because of a general backlash against guns and violence in those post-Vietnam days), so we're not looking at an activity from that far back in pop culture...Did you have a Daisy as a kid? Click to enlarge!

Also odd to think that, even then, with TV a new invention among suburbia, parents
were worried about too much TV time for the kids! Only a tiny handful of channels, then, too!

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