Thursday, November 1, 2012

Have a Knock-Out November! 1979 Hulk Marvel Calendar! John Byrne Art!

As you know, the dates for 1979 eerily line up perfectly for those of 2012, so here is yet another month from the awesome Incredible Hulk '79 calendar! The nifty November entry spotlights a terrific drawing by jocular John Byrne and terrific Terry Austin! The famed X-MEN drawing duo recall the 1975 HULK storyline where ol' Green-Skin battled the forces of "Counter-Earth," an alternate world much like ours, but populated with the oddball animal-men made possible by the hoot-a-minute High Evolutionary! Also, dig the birthday shout-outs to great Marvel mavens, such as the team responsible for the first round of the "new" X-MEN revival, Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum! Print and use! Click here to see past calendar entries! Click images below to enlarge!

Want even more X-MEN tie-ins to this marvel-ous month? Dig the Saturday, the 10th entry! That's right! X-MEN's Wolverine
started as a Hulk villain! Wednesday, the 28th? The Locust is a re-heated X-MEN foe from the 60s!

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