Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yvonne Craig as TV's BATGIRL! Fan-Made Custom Model Kit! DC Comics!

 It's Yvonne Craig as BATGIRL! Here is the 1967 TV version of the famous female crime-fighter! This fan-made "Scoop" resin kit was assembled, then painted up (by me) in acrylics and enamels! The anonymous sculptor did a great job with the anatomy, likeness, and pose! Click each image below to enlarge!

The "sparkle" effect on her body suit was achieved using kid's "glitter gel!"

I went in with a fine black pen to detail the belt insignia, eyes, and other areas!

Once again, I paid close attention to the glossy areas (body suit, lips, eyes) and the flat matte portions (skin, mask front and ears)...Applying overcoats to those areas to create such effects...

I also did some dry-brushing to the hair, using a lighter shade of red for the hair highlights...

Below: The unassembled kit, ready for glueing, gap filling, sanding, prepping, painting, and detailing!

Below: Actress Yvonne Craig herself, as the flame-haired Gotham Gangbuster!

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