Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Spellbinding Secret Supernatural Story of Dr. Strange! Silver Age Marvel Mania!

Let's look back again to 1975, and those dapper darlings at DYNAMITE magazine, as they lower the boom on the inside story of that mystic master, Marvel's Dr. Strange! Here, they reprint some awe-inspiring excerpts from Doc's own 1963 origin, as drawn by "sturdy" Steve Ditko (also the co-creator to a little character called Spider-Man)! Doc had a rich and colorful history, transforming from selfish surgeon to a dour disciple of the astonishing "Ancient One" in a far-off land! Click below to get all the secret scoops on the Sorcerer Supreme!

They don't show it here, but Doc did go on to defeat Baron Mordo and his deadly
threat, in short order, at the start of his discipleship at the feet of the Ancient One!

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