Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Monkees! On Stage in 1967! Candid Fan Pics and More! Hear Peter Tork's Anti-Drug Message!

Here we go again with more rare and exciting pics of the Monkees! Dig these little-seen fan pics of the guys live on stage, during their tremendous 1967 summer tour! Plus--pics of the group on the set of their famed NBC-TV show! During overseas press conferences! And more! Click each to enlarge!

A very creative collage for the cover of a Hawaiian tour book, commemorating the Monkees first live concert appearances! Thanks to Lisa Manekofsky!

One the set of the show, during the first season!

Some very rare fan pics, taken from the audience, during the Monkees' 1967 summer concert tour!

Another live shot from the audience, as Michael rolls into one of his numbers!

A great pic, taken during one of the group's overseas press conferences with eager reporters!

Taken before a concert, the Monkees pose with members of their 
opening act, The Cherokees, in 1968! Thanks to the superlative "Psycho Jello" website for this one!

BONUS! Click below to hear some rare anti-drug PSAs by Peter Tork, done in 1970 for the Do It Now Foundation! The messages were distributed to rock stations around the country!

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