Monday, October 15, 2012

The Coming of--The Falcon! 1969 CAPTAIN AMERICA Original Cover Art!

The Falcon! He was one of the greatest new character additions during the later half of the Marvel Comics "Phase One" period, and here is his fabulous first appearance! This 1969 cover, pencilled by Gene Colan, with inks by Joe Sinnott, presents a confused Cap (and startled readers) with the new superhero who'd be Cap's partner in crime-fighting for the next 8 years, even earning a co-starring cover credit in the CAP masthead! Note the changes made before the published cover (below, right) was printed! Falcon originally had a kind of "bike shorts" look, with open leggings  to match the open chest motif! Even tho this is a terrific African culture-inspired costume design, Falcon would soon assume a new and iconic look, one you can see here! Click image below to enlarge!

Notice that changes were also made to the Cap figure! His chest and arm have been altered, and
 his head was slightly enlarged and lifted in the composition! Corrections were made by John Romita, Sr.!

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