Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Captivating Crib Sheet on Captain Cold! Arch Foe of the Flash! DC Comics Hotline!

Outside of Batman and Spider-Man, DC Comics' fleet-footed character, the Flash, has maybe the greatest and most colorful rouge's gallery of them all! From the Top, to the Pied Piper, to Captain Boomerang, the Scarlet Speedster has tangled with these insufferable super-villains for years, coming up with new and clever super-speed traps to ensnare them every time! But, who among the Flash felons is the worst (or best, depending on your point of view)? Here is a terrific 1976 DYNAMITE magazine expose on the cruel Captain Cold! Of all the foes, this frosty freak seemed to rebound the most, and really had it out for the "fastest man alive!" Click below to enlarge this flash-frozen fact sheet (which includes some great SIlver Age art by Carmine Infantino), and learn all about the man named Leonard Snart!

Dig how the devious DC editors used the opportunity to plug the
oversized SUPERMAN VS FLASH tabloid, then on sale!

BONUS! That same dandy DYNAMITE ish ran a blurb for the then-current DC Hotline! This was a free call-in service for fans, who could not only keep up-to-date on DC doings, but actually hear the voices of real comics pros! Before the internet, before easy access to creators at every-weekend conventions, this was an amazing service, and I called in several times a week back then, braving endless busy signals (and odd looks from my parents, even tho they were assured these were toll-free calls), and even recording the weekly messages on a (sadly long-gone) cassette tape! The service was so successful, DC eventually closed it down, due to phone company complaints about the line becoming overloaded, and blocking emergency calls!

Since the artist for the above piece was looking at PLASTIC MAN (the guy zapping the phone) comics,
he (or she) also swiped an image of Plas' partner, Woozy Winks, for the other illo
 on the page, just adding a mustache to the bumbling sidekick!

BONUS BONUS! Click below to hear an actual 1977 DC Hotline 
announcement, from the fine folks at WORD BALLOON COMICS! Wow!

BONUS BONUS BONUS! Click here to go to Bookstore Steve's amazing site, to see his notes on the hotline announcements, who made them, and the info contained therein!

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