Thursday, October 4, 2012

SUPERMAN VS. MUHAMMAD ALI! The 1977 Inside Story! Neal Adams! DC Comics!

From a mid-1977 issue of MEDIASCENE, here is the as-it-stands (and somewhat premature) update on the SUPERMAN VS MUHAMMAD ALI DC Comics tabloid! Even tho such a teaming seems odd now, younger fans need to realize that Ali was then probably one of the best-known celebrities in the world of sports, TV, and endorsements! Teaming him with the best-known fictional superhero was a true no-brainer, especially since the first Superman movie was about to make its powerful premiere! This article shows you just how anticipated the over-sized comic book was among fans, but also how late it was! The book wouldn't see light of day until 1978 (and, to be fair, SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE was also late, showing up on screens around Christmas '78, after shooting for a target date at least a year earlier), tho all concerned appeared to be putting in tons of effort! The book stands today as one of artist Neal Adams' greatest works, so the wait was certainly worth it! Click below to enlarge this awesome article!

Note how DC had plans to use Superman and Wonder woman, their (then) most visible media stars, to helm
what would later become the long-running super-team newspaper strip, WORLD'S GREATEST SUPERHEROES!

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