Wednesday, October 31, 2012

SUPERMAN 4! A Look Back At The Infamous 1987 Movie! DC Comics!

Yep! SUPERMAN 4 has to be one of most hated superhero films ever committed to celluloid. Due to a change in studio and budget, the flick (part of a well-respected franchise) ended up being a sad montage of bad special effects, slipshod acting, and plot holes you could zoom a rocketship through! However, the pre-release hype and excitement was tremendous, as it also tied into "Superman's 50th Birthday" festivities at the time! Also adding to the anticipation was the fact that star Chris Reeve was taking a serious active role behind the camera, the plot was based on a dramatic topical theme, and actress Margot Kidder was returning as Lois Lane! Alas, we got a not-so special screen spectacle, one of the very few films I almost walked out on, during it's theatre debut! Click below to enlarge!

Note that all involved wanted this effort to hew close to the fabulous 1978 film, SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE, but this turkey doesn't even compare to the great, but disappointing, SUPERMAN 3!
Add Hackman's phoned-in performance, poor logic and plot holes, and...

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