Sunday, October 7, 2012

Superlative 70s SPIDER-MAN Strips! The Death of J.Jonah Jameson?! Marvel Comics!

Last time, we saw gasped in utter disbelief as Spidey swung in to rescue a suicidal bridge-jumper who just happened to be--J. Jonah Jameson?! Sure, the wondrous Wall-Crawler has no lost love for this long-time publishing pundit, but even he deserves to live, right? But, there seems to be more afoot than what we see on the surface! Why would diabolical Dr. Doom stage such a horrifying happening? Why is a major baddie going after a superhero small-fry like Spidey? And--who is making all of these exotic and elaborate robots for Doom? Yet another exciting excerpt from the 1978 SPIDER-MAN newspaper strip, by Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click to enlarge image below, then zip over to here for the next full-color edge-of-your-seat installment!

Another realistic touch from Stan Lee was the addition of "average Joes" in his strips, always
commenting on the over-the-top superhero action, and providing a grounded "man-on-the-street" voice!

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