Friday, October 12, 2012

SUB-MARINER #50! Gigantic Gil Kane Greatness! 1972 Marvel Comics Cover Art!

You heard right! More terrific Gil Kane artwork, from his days as Marvel's head cover creator! Gil not only drew a superlative slew of covers, but also provided cover idea rough sketches, layouts for other artists, and character designs! Here we see the amazing cover art to SUB-MARINER #50, from 1972! All of Gil's awesome anatomy skills (especially on Subby) are seen, as well as his ability to bring a real sense of depth, danger, and movement to any comics drawing! Notice the slight differences from original to printed version! Marvel was using a unique "boxed illustration" cover motif during that period (in an attempt to differentiate themselves from their competitors), and you can see how the art was adjusted to accommodate that look! Click to enlarge!

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