Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stan Lee Speaks! "How I Created Spider-Man!" 1977 Article and Pics! Marvel!

Face Front! Dig this 1977 article by Stan "The Man" Lee himself!" Even tho it's now largely known that Stan created the ever-expanding "Marvel Universe" with the help of his awesome artists (most notably Jack Kirby), Stan in the 70s was doing the college lecture circuit, and selling the "fact" that he alone created all those cavortin' characters! Not only did (the uniquely talented) Stan perpetuate those ideas in interviews and articles such as this one (from QUEST magazine), but also in his famous ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS tomes from the time! Sure, we should give Stan tons of credit for polishing and pushing the ideas all the way to home plate, but let's also look to the artists who did half the plotting, character design and conception, and laud them for the sheer excitement they also brought to the books! Click to enlarge!

Below: Stan Lee mugs with an exceptionally well-attired "Spider-Man" in the early 70s, for a CREEM magazine photo shoot/article!

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