Monday, October 8, 2012

SHAZAM! Here Comes Captain Marvel's Evil Foe--Dr. Sivana! 1976 DC DYNAMITE!

Once again, we dive deep into decaying issues of DYNAMITE magazine, for the full report on that chrome-domed foe, Dr. Sivana! This baddie has been giving Captain Marvel the hot-foot since the 1940s, and, at the time of this kid's mag spread in '76, was back in action, during  DC Comics' revival of Captain Marvel and his universe (even resulting in a live-action SHAZAM! Saturday morning TV show)! Read about how this hairless heathen came to be such a hated horror! And--find out how he actually once helped the "Big Red Cheese!" Click to enlarge!

Notice the sneaky line of type announcing the other comics in the "DC TV SERIES" line-up, like ISIS and SUPER FRIENDS!

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