Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lou Ferrigno is the HULK! 1979 Article and Rare Pics!

Both THE INCREDIBLE HULK and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN were taking over the small screen in 1979, so it's no wonder that this kid's tome, TV '79, would tackle both shows in one valiant volume! This time, we zero in on lovable Lou Ferrigno, as he tells the book's editors about his childhood, his struggles with hearing loss, and his days as a triumphant bodybuilder! Lou, of course, portrayed ol' Green-Skin in the famed 1977-1982 HULK CBS-TV series, and is still remembered for his bold embodiment of the titular star! Click each to enlarge!

This article fails to mention that Lou was already a HULK fan by the time
he came to be offered the role, even citing the Green One as a source
of inspiration in his early bodybuilding years!

HULK star Lou Ferrigno gets the better
of Mego's "Elastic Hulk" toy in 1980!

A rare newspaper promo (featuring both Lou and co-star Bill Bixby) hyping the one-shot
PBS special, "Mr. Rogers Talks About Superheroes," from late 1979!

Lou Ferrigno's nose and forehead prosthetic appliances! These
were affixed to Lou's face with spirit gum, then the green flesh
paint was applied over them, as well as the other portions
of Lou's face! Read about it here!

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