Monday, October 22, 2012

IRON MAN #73! Rare Gil Kane Cover Designs! 1975 Marvel Comics Knockout!

Back again, to heap more praise upon the last (but great) Gil Kane! Dig his 1975 cover design for the front of IRON MAN #73! Gil once again brings his mighty mastery of anatomy, composition, depth, and staging to the fore, as ol' Shellhead socks it to the colossal Crimson Dynamo! This was, of course, the period where Gil was sketching out tons of magnificent Marvel cover ideas, in addition to pencilling boodles of covers and interiors! What a workhorse of creative energy! Click to enlarge!

The printed cover (above, right) was marred only by the over-abundance of the same
hue of red, used on the figures of Iron Man and his enemy! Today, with computer coloring, a real contrast could be made between
the two similar costumes, but...Also, note the addition of Shell-Head's helmet "nose," an cosmetic adornment that only lasted about a year!

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Mustafa Jackson said...

So cool to see comparisons of Kane's original pencils side-by-side with the finished work.