Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Draw SUPERMAN! Learn From Curt Swan! 1970s DC Comics!

One of the best things about the terrific oversized comics tabloids (that both Marvel and DC produced throughout the 70s) were the special attraction pages, such as the "how to draw" features! It was a very rare thing then to be able to look "behind the curtain" and see how a comic book was made, and for me, an aspiring cartooning, this stuff was gold, as I spent endless hours pouring over these pages! Here, Curt Swan himself (Superman's main artist for decades) shows us how to build up drawings of the Man of Steel, and his owlish alter-ego, Clark Kent! As you can see, Curt was a master of anatomy and movement, but also facial expressions and mood! Click images to enlarge, and get busy!

The above page comes from a rare 1973 DC one-off tabloid, THE AMAZING WORLD OF SUPERMAN, first sold only in Metropolis, Illinois! It was later made available thru mail-order, and is a great find, with tons of rare reprints, photo features, and more!

This tremendous two-page spread comes from the 1974 SUPERMAN oversized "Limited Collector's Edition," the first of many such editions to spotlight Supes!

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